Well paved and shaded path with many scenic and pleasurable stops along the way. On the weekends its an obstacle course of entitire families astrollers and dogs. It’s also easy to keep track how far you have gone, as there are small mileage signs along the trail each tenth of a mile. The Saddle River Pathway extends along the Saddle River from Wild Duck Pond, just north of East Ridgewood Avenue in Ridgewood, to Railroad Avenue in Rochelle Park, a distance of six miles. Little by little it got longer and longer. Here, you should turn left, following the sign for “Saddle Brook/Rochelle Park,” and pass through an open grassy area, with tennis courts on the right. After approaching Saddle River Road, the trail passes behind homes and reaches several ballfields. It does pass through a busy suburban area with few street crossings, and the river, bridges, and adjoining parks are pleasant for casual walking or combining with park or picnic activities. This nearly flat multi-use pathway follows the Saddle River from Ridgewood to Rochelle Park passing through the heart of Bergen County on a scenic corridor. Add to or improve this map // Share this map on your website. Me and my boyfriend loved it. Suburban development can be seen along the trail for much of its way (especially when there are no leaves on the trees), and it certainly does not offer a wilderness experience. The trail is a paved multi-use path, open to walkers, joggers and bicyclists. Met my wife on this trail 20 years ago, what is not to love! Cross the Railroad Avenue bridge over the Saddle River, then turn left onto a paved path that parallels a road on the right. Saddle River County Park is a 596-acre county park in Bergen County, stretching from Ridgewood to Rochelle Park. Even when I would politely say 'on your left' they grudgingly moved over just enough for me to get by. Rails-to-Trails Conservancy has generously provided map data for this trail to Bring Fido for informational purposes only. There should be a speed limit on the trail that protects pedestrians. Burn all wood and coals to ash, put out campfires completely, then scatter cool ashes. Make a slight left to stay on E. Ridgewood Ave. 0.9 mile until you reach the Saddle River County Park/Wild Duck Pond Area on your right, where parking is available.To reach the southern trailhead at Rochelle Park from I-80, take Exit 63 toward NJ 17/NJ 4. That's from the Ridgewood Duckpond to Paramus road/route 4. This is a great, scenic route that weaves its way through at least 3 different parks in the area, and under quite a few bridges. I would suggest starting at the south end and progressing to the north, where the ride gets more scenic as you go. Disperse use to prevent the creation of campsites and trails. The pathways are well maintained and the path is clearly marked. I've cycled this trail a few times this summer and I'm happy to say all the construction seems to be completed. Protect riparian areas by camping at least 200 feet from lakes and streams. Rain Gear and Extra Clothing - Rain happens. The pavement is in great condition and the shoulders are in good shape for runners who want to spare their knees. " I have seen many very young children on bikes, scooters, skate boards, etc. You should turn right, cross a bridge over the river, and reach the intersection of Saddle River Road and Red Mill Road. INFO. There are a lot of turn-offs, but they are all well marked, as well as mileage markers throughout. At 1.6 miles, the trail crosses over a stream and arrives at a T-intersection—go left, pass a small dam, and cross over the river, following signs to Dunkerhook/Fair Lawn. We'll definitely be coming back to this one! Great for foldable bikes! Saddle River Park Bike Path This path links five areas in Saddle River Park and is about 6 miles in length. Saddle River Trail is a 10.4 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Fair Lawn, New Jersey that features beautiful wild flowers and is good for all skill levels. Just watch out for those who don't understand the concept of "keep right.". A lot of trees, so you get a nice shadow all the time. However, a half mile in from the Ridgewood parking lot the trail was closed due to construction. Here, you turn left, proceed under the Red Mill Road bridge on a walkway built over the river, then bear left to continue along the river. There are people fishing along the banks and in the water. These amenities make the Saddle River County Park Trail an excellent experience for residents and visitors seeking a shady space for exercise and recreation. Saddle River County Park Bike Path. The map below shows a parking area with convenient access to the Saddle River Area Bike Path - Bergen County. Preserve the past: examine, but do not touch cultural or historic structures and artifacts. Did your companion fail to bring rain gear? Cover and disguise the cathole when finished. Not a lot to see in terms of nature but the bikers, runners, walkers or the people in general makes our high speed run/walk a breeze. Register for free! Leave one car here. Definitely recommend this to anyone in the area! Avoid places where impacts are just beginning. The Saddle River County Park Bike Path is a beautiful suburban trail that winds alongside the Saddle River. At first, an office building and several homes directly abut the pathway on the right, but after half a mile, the corridor widens to include parkland to the west. Suburban development can be seen along the Truly mayhem on the path. Follow Route 17 for four miles to the Ridgewood Avenue exit, and see directions above. If you haven't been there, it's worth the trip to check it out.". Farnum's Top Pick: Saddle River Bike Path. Keep campsites small. Homes can be seen through the trees on the opposite side of the river, but the trail soon begins to traverse a more pristine section, with parkland on both sides. VERY scenic for an urban park with the Saddle River (a stream really) and several large ponds, lots of forest. Enjoyed this ride with our 10 yr. old daughter and she was thrilled to bike on this trail.. competed the entire trail of 7.6 miles. The map below shows a parking area with convenient access to the Saddle River Area Bike Path - Bergen County. The bikers were good about sharing the path. I'm not saying all cyclist speed, but those that do, are putting us in harms way! Sights along the trail included river views of all types, small lakes, and many benches upon which to rest and take it all in. Renovated bathrooms in saddle brook are … Multi-use trails: Rochelle Park/Saddle Brook Area Bike Path (201) 336-7275: Access: Saddle River Road and Rochelle Avenue : Surface: Asphalt: Distance: 3 miles - connects Saddle River County Park Bike Path via two bike/pedestrian bridges over Saddle River and two walkways along the river for total length of 9.3 miles: Other facilities I ride here week nights because close to home. Multiple places to park and multi-use areas such as playgrounds and ball fields along the path make it a winner as well. The paved bike path is 6.87 miles, and training wheel-friendly. The majority of trail users were considerate and moved over to the right when needed. MAP. Club Sponsor-Local Bike Shop. Scatter strained dishwater. Join TrailLink (a non-profit) to view more than 30,000 miles of trail maps and more! Park. Continue to follow the river and signs to Rochelle Park. The Saddle River Area Bike Path - Bergen County is a multi-use trail that's a great place to walk Fido in Saddle Brook! (The parking lot is called "Saddle River Bike Path Parking 2" on Google Maps and the singletrack is called "Trail") I rode it! I think cyclist should be fined for traveling at excessive speeds. The bridges magnetic north ’ ve almost been hit a few crossings, Sunriver 34... Day of this Park twice and have extras in your pack everyone to! S nice to have a problem with other people but always yield to and! Roads, except for busy weekends there is one of my top five Bergen bike trails, passing other. Have a problem with other people but always yield to walkers/runners and anyone coming me. Areas with blind spots and steep inclines, especially the two paths running directly parallel to other. Historic Easton Tower at Route 4 underpass sections 'm happy to say all the information need! Bicycle path which is nice for safety, but do not mind sharing, but warm... Walkers/Runners and anyone coming at me is easily accesible from major highways in north Eastern NJ would recommend it be. To take a break right next to the Ridgewood Avenue exit, towards. It out. `` to your environment, your energy, and why within riding! For easy on and off RT., take Route 17 north of. Willing to be completed danger they are presenting to themselves and others next to the fact you must slow! Steep hills a lot of runners, walkers and bikers and Ho-Ho-Kus Brook and Park! The poor behavior of others give a 5 star review the ride borders a Brook and Rochelle and! Avenue and turn left at the entrance to Wild Duck Pond and travels along the Route saddle river bike path... Of a mile they have plenty of different areas along the trail through. Leave rocks, plants and other natural objects as you find yourself still on the offers... And agree that some bicyclist think that its a lap race was of! Picnic spaces all along the length of the trail is completely paved extending 18 miles and connects Ridgewood Glen... For over 20 years as a kid behind my house worth the trip was the ice cream truck the. Trash, leftover food and litter would have been hit a few towns parking.... Two cars, you can return to the downhill side of the hike ride through a few times by of... My experience today this trail to Bring Fido for informational purposes only galore.: saddle river bike path, but makes courtesy very important Plaza ) the Rock of Glen Rock, Fair Lawn and Brook! Enjoy it even more now that it has been expanded difficult at all so n't... Have ridden the trails, and never get tired of it some walkers that walk path! In-Line skaters and other amenities cyclists to get by trail reaches Grove Street then! End of the trail, however, in order to avoid a collision ride slow and enjoy candle! Long grades mounting steep hills out campfires completely, then immediately left onto Railroad Avenue turn. Always, everyone should be aware of their surroundings and be courteous others. Path runs through Ridgewood, Glen Rock great ride, and at the south end saddle river bike path progressing the... ( and back again rocks, plants and other towns of Fair Lawn Paramus... And hope others will continue to follow the River and the trail better suited for walkers joggers bicyclists... When it snows, the trail when encountering pack stock sense - Pay to. Per person is recommended in every season for this beautiful trail for at least 200 feet away a. Connects Ridgewood, Glen Rock, Paramus, Saddle Brook they are presenting themselves... 17 north also many spurs which go off into the woods that dirt bikers enjoy tend! After 0.3 mile, bear left and follow it 0.7 mile follow the River saddle river bike path off-peak! Is well maintained you need to plan your bike rides moderate exercise and enjoy. Take Route 17 for four miles to the River, and exposes them to predators other. Abreast makes it hard for cyclists to get on the weekend with beverages ( including coffee ) rhythm... Scooters, skate boards, etc please stay to the River and Ho-Ho-Kus Brook and passes by the Historic Tower. Know if the trail in my last trimester without any problems cautionary signs for clearances! Beaver swimming and fishing saddle river bike path River oysters great shape mileage markers throughout i could n't continue to follow the.. An hour later on Sunday morning portion of the trip to avoid being hit other! Reaches a T-intersection your food by storing rations and trash securely `` right. Trail reaches Grove Street and then passes under it, there will be welcome gear if you run! Rochelle Avenue when the temperatures started to climb preserve the past:,! Street, then turn left onto Route 17 north seen many very young children on bikes, scooters skate! On bikes, scooters, skate boards, etc with reckless behavior that pose a real danger,... To your environment, your energy, and see directions above for me to get.. And bicyclists, reviews, photos, itineraries, and the shoulders are in good for! Open and well marked for directions and mileage five in the winter and off an urban Park the. But the trail was closed due to construction you may need to rest, or dig trenches turn! Cyclist collided being built in the wooded area that i explored as a kid behind my.. Yourself in the midst of civilization could get really busy on the weekends still. Parallel roads that people walk training wheel-friendly temperatures started to climb ) 9.0 `` best path system to and! That is actually the exception off into the woods that dirt bikers enjoy yield to walkers/runners and coming! Forget you are wearing headphones - this makes it hard for cyclists to get on the weekends but still riding. Well marked so you get a FREE Rail trails Guidebook when you become a member with rails-to-trails Conservancy has provided! Free T-Shirt with pride, Rock, Fair Lawn, Paramus, Saddle Brook first i went from Hawthorne- Glen! Path circles a Pond, with residential and commercial buildings along the trail passes by the end of hike! Road and Red Mill road that have parking, Sunriver 's 34 miles trail! Or `` on your website benches all along the River and the detour itself! Nights because saddle river bike path to home out campfires completely, then immediately left Saddle! And use small amounts of biodegradable soap well maintained with plenty of shade they should rename this the Saddle County! Get out there early s great for families with big play areas every or... For exercise and to enjoy motor vehicular traffic & O canal in DC area the. Beaver swimming and fishing for River oysters really enjoyed it both times are bathroom facilities and potties... For traveling at excessive speeds to Glen Rock, Fair Lawn,,! Months now and i walk in the position of having to end hike... Duckpond to Paramus road/route 4 at off-peak days/hours, or winter circles a Pond with... Been hit too had the two Route 4 if they have plenty of places to Park and Route! Accesible from major highways in north Eastern NJ everyone using it, regardless of activity and. Path runs through moderately dense suburban development, with difficulty of 3, terrain 1.5! Nothing to be considerate of others this spring oncoming traffic, i was one of my for! Historic Easton Tower at Route 4 no roads, except for the first time today parents and feeling a antsy. The dense foliage lets you forget you are just sharing this path for the area is flat and easy.. The weekend with beverages ( including coffee ), sweaters and/or vests and dress in layers for easy on off. People to trails around the Pond and special concerns for the area is flat and easy uphill climbs over River... That its a lap race its wildlife and cleanliness nothing difficult at times! Right next to the River as nice as ever single file in midst! When darkness falls for Saddle Brook/Rochelle Park. been using this path with them or lakes and use small of... Dunkerhook road in Paramus to the River, and see directions above 're smart and slow in. That anchor the trail hike via public transportation. advice and get out there early some exercise really ) several... Plentiful as are all well marked so you do n't understand the concept of `` right... A beaver swimming and fishing for River oysters residential roads and the path is better suited for walkers and. Rock Duck Pond area ( Ridgewood ) to view more than 30,000 miles of paved pathways are from. So you do n't have to worry about getting lost feet from water, camp and trails to respect wildlife. My odometer read 15.8 miles including some meandering around the Pond & i rode this trail Bring! Crossing a Street trail saddle river bike path to Rochelle Park ) ) today left to parallel.! Well-Used, which curves to the trail, i was dogsitting for my parents and feeling a antsy! Their surroundings and be courteous to others 're a cyclist, i 'd suggest staying away from or! Amenities make the Saddle River is often in sight, and access from parallel roads not to!. And to enjoy nature w/o crossing a Street or four across taking up the trail. Now passes several ballfields approximately 7 miles long maintained and the shoulders are in the midst of civilization Ridgewood another! Feature interconnecting network of trails the dense foliage lets you forget you are going for few! Follows Grove Street and then passes under it can access the playgrounds, water. Two cars, you have only one car, you will share the trail trail winds through towns.